Construction Phases

1. Project Conception and Design

Below is a list of considerations that should be taken into account for your Projects Conception and Design;

a. Style and Design
b. Size and Location
c. Budget and Cost
d. Materials and Life Expectancy

Once the above considerations have been taken into account we can then move forward in deciding whether or not the project is feasible and can be realistically completed.

If the project is determined feasible and realistically completed a follow-up consultation is conducted and a Cost Estimate, Scope of Work, Construction Schedule will be produced based on the finalized design agreement.

2. Project Construction

The next step is Project Construction, prior to Construction Phase if applicable Permits will need to be obtained.

We, The General Contractor will take responsibly of Permit Application and Permit Application Fees. Also, ensuring your project meets City-by-laws, Setbacks, and any other City Regulations. Only after all City-by-Laws, Setbacks, and Regulations have been met the Project Construction may begin. (if Permit is Required, this Stage will usually have (2) Two Inspections).

The first step in Project Construction is the Site Mobilization. Site Mobilization consists of delivering Equipment, Tools, Supplies, and Materials to Site.

Following the completion of Site Mobilization, we begin with Site Setup and Site Preparation for the Start of Construction.

3. Project Performance

This stage of the Project is ongoing throughout the life of the Project. Starting when we Mobilize onsite until we Demobilize offsite. During Project Performance we ensure Timely Completion of all Tasks, and milestones in Construction Schedule as well as maintain Highest Quality of all Craftsmanship.

4. Project Close

The Start of Project Close is the Remediating of any Deficiencies if they exist, followed by addressing any changes that the Client would like to make. Once the project has reached 100% Completion we will start Cleanup, and Demobilization of All Tools, Supplies, Materials and Waste offsite. (If Permit is required, this Stage will usually have (1) One Final inspection for Permit signoff).

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